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erstens, ein grandioser webcomic: nimona von Noelle Stevenson

zweitens: hempel und pempel sind heute zu gast im zwarwald

drittens: das nuf, eine höchst schlaue und sympathische person, “über das eigentl. problem von überwachung: intention, misinterpretation, rechtfertigung und sanktion.” (zitat felix schwenzel)

i just remembered this awesome post and thought it was lost in facebook somewhere
so i’ll put the link right here. do yourselves a favour my friends and check her out if you havent done so yet: kate beaton and hark! a vagrant

This excellent band played at my finissage on friday. It was awesome, many thanks!

More drawings of them on my flickr

This has been around for about 4 years but just got officially released in HD on vimeo.
Starts slow but stick with it.


dear readers,

its time again for some links:
first, paternity leave by the awesome Anthony Holden.
second: the reward, a Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.